The web has opened up a brave new world of product reviews, one that always has information at its disposal. Things are changing so rapidly that there are always new outlets to give people information about the products that they need and want. It is truly a great time for information, but there is a catch. A lot of the information that people are getting is anything but accurate. Or more accurately, you never know who is paying for the information to be shared.

This is something that we, people who have been in the review industry for years have noticed and something that we believe is not cool. In the modern world there is a lot of nonsense online and there are a lot of reviews that do not give the products that they are reviewing an accurate depiction. The difference between what we do and what other sites do is that we give each product the same treatment and because we pay for the products with our own money, we are more akin to the customer.

Information is something that in its current state is too overwhelming to get a good idea about what is actually true or not. The truth is that in order to get good information, you need a site that is not paid for its opinion. But aren’t all pet care sites paid for their opinion in some way? If you are not paying people to do the reviews, who would just do the reviews out of the kindness of their own heart? Well the idea is that payment is something that is very relative and important when looking to train & tame your pets.

We are paid in a different way

The way in which we are paid is by helping our readers. Our readers give us the validation that we need to do these product reviews, to buy each product, including generators, with our own money and write without being paid to do so. We do this because we know that once product informationĀ on steam cookers is paid for, that it becomes less accurate than information that is not paid for. By being paid in the adoration of our readers, we are able to give people exactly what they need, the knowledge needed to make educated decisions.

This is enough for us, we do not want to be a publication that gets paid by advertisers to do product reviews because this often creates a conflict of interest. Because we do not get paid, our information is not tainted and our opinion can be trusted. This is enough to give us the need to continue to do what we do and to give you information that you need. We pride ourselves on being objective and confident in what we do.

Like other publications we have professional writers on staff and that in order to stand out inthe crowd, we must continue to do what we do without the need for monetary gain. The fact that we do these things for free is on purpose, and that under the sun, there is nobody better at being objective than us.